After years of efforts to improve and develop the sales system, Vietnam Royal Investment Group (VRI GROUP) is proud of making a Royal Family cultural identity through the values including:


The Group Employees are extremely professional, creative, responsive to seize the trend, incessantly improving themselves to develop.


Each individual is dedicated, responsible, disciplined for all products and business plans of VRI GROUP. Confidence of customers and ethics of staff are two decisive factors for the development of VRI GROUP ecosystems.


VRI GROUP is one of the few groups with an impressive history of development, we are constantly striving to innovate at the same time. VRI GROUP always desires to take the lead in all fields of investment and operation in Vietnam.


VRI GROUP also considers the growth speed and the ability to maintain the ecosystem in the far future as two key factors in the expansion strategy. This concern is clearly demonstrated through the following policies:


Investing in people – Investing for people


Becoming fond of the environment


Binding with Community